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Three Peaks Health

Three Peaks Health believes in achieving the best total outcome for all of our clients by providing  the best quality rehabilitation in one location to help facilitate quick effective results =BETTER FASTER YOU!!

Our holistic, client-centered, team approach to your care insures you are being treated by the right experts at the right time to help you achieve your specific goals for pain relief, performance enhancement, or just living life to its fullest potential.

Our team of  experts include  Kinesiologists,  Fascial Stretch Therapists, Registered Massage Therapists,  and an Acupuncturist.









What Is That Glowing Orb In The Sky!?

funny-cartoon-pictures-61When it’s nice in BC… it’s REALLY nice! After 10 months of rain all we want to do is go out in the sun, but the fear of skin cancer has us lathering on SPF 100 000 000.

The sun isn’t something that should frighten us; in fact, we need that daily dose of Vitamin D. Did you know that more cancers are linked to LOW Vitamin D levels and are in those who avoid the sun as opposed to ones who get burned once or twice a year.

Here are some tips to get you outside and enjoying your summer, but staying safe at the same time:

1. Look for a sunscreen with UVB (the SPF rating) AND UVA protection. UVA should be at least 1/3 the rating of UVB- so if your SPF is 30, then the UVA should be 10.

2. Don’t neglect reapplying your sunscreen simply because it has a higher SPF.

3. Typically, you get the best protection from sunscreens with SPF 30-50.

4. Avoid sunscreens with Vitamin A, also labelled “Retinyl palmitate” or “retinol”. This substance is commonly found in anti-aging skincare products and has been shown as a potential factor for speeding up the development of skin tumors and lesions when used in the presence of sunlight.

5. Rate your sunscreen on to see how it holds up in safety and effectiveness.


For more information about balancing your health, book a visit with Dr. Kim! Otherwise go have some fun in the sun!


You Are What You Eat

1005689_10151724408711869_968434620_nWe are always encouraging all of our clients to maintain nutritious eating habits for themselves and their families. However,  eating healthy SHOULD NOT EQUAL eating boringWith Google at our fingertips there are so many innovative recipes and websites that focus on creating balanced recipes from scratch.

One of our favorite pages is called “Just Eat Real Food”, which emphasizes paleolithic, gluten free, and all-natural ingredients in the preparation of delicious meals.

In light of summer and the season of Patio Parties, we have come up with a menu FOR YOU featuring our favorite appetizer, main course, and dessert!

Below are delicious Bacon Tuna Boats – no Mayo included! Find the recipe at:

 Bacon Tuna Boats | Popular Paleo

Next on our menu  are Chicken Stuffed with Spinach, Feta, and Bacon (’cause who doesn’t love bacon!!!). The recipe can be found here:






And finally…the course you’ve all been waiting for! Dessert!

Check out these delicious Lemon Coconut Macaroons- a simple and light end to any meal!








We hope everyone is having an amazing summer, wherever you may be, and feel free to contact us for any tips and tricks on keeping your body at its Peak Potential!

Fresh Active Isolated Stretching Therapist and Personal Trainer


rhino unicorn

Our star pupil Kseniya Vazyanska obtained her Active Isolated and Personal Training Certification last month!

She has been mentoring with our top Kinesiologists since 2011 and we are very excited to throw her into the deep end with clients of her own now! Kseniya has a sound understanding of Stretch Therapy as well as Active Rehabilitation principles and she comes from a competitive athletic background, allowing her to relate and understand many issues from athletic injuries to chronic pain.

Kseniya is in her final year of her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia and she has been a competitive ballroom dancer as well as rhythmic gymnast for over 10 years.

Whatever your fitness goals are, she will work with you to encourage you to reach your limits!

We are being trained in NKT!

fitnessfailTwo of our clinicians are excited to be taking the Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1 Course at the beginning of May! We thought we should tell you a little bit about what NKT actually is!

Neurokinetic Therapy is an innovative new treatment strategy that is used to correct dysfunctional movement patterns. It is based on the idea that “the brain learns through failure”, thus by doing specific manual tests we allow our brain to recognize neuromuscular failures and correct them.

This type of therapy distinguishes itself through the development of very comprehensive assessment methods that are meant to target the many directions of muscle fibers and identify weaknesses in our musculoskeletal system. If an individual tests weak pre-treatment and then strong post-treatment on the same functional movement pattern, we know we’ve done our job!

Being very specific in all the muscle testing is vital in order to identify problem areas, and assigning specifically-tailored active rehabilitation exercises post-treatment allows clients to really fortify the reprogramming of their motor pattern.

David Weinstock has an excellent website with in-depth information about this treatment method. Check out his youtube channel website at:






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One Giant Step for Kinesiology


It has been announced on March 22, 2013 that the province of Ontario is in the process of establishing an official regulating college for Kinesiology professionals. This ensures the development of a set of treatment standards as well as the potential for new possibilities in the field of Kinesiology.


We are hoping that our West Coast provinces will follow suit soon as this is a huge developmental step for our budding profession. We are always looking for public support for the recognition with the Ministry of Health. Kinesiology has taken great strides nationwide in the last few years, with Ontario leading the way we are hoping to emerge as an innovative and highly effective strategy to address all your healthcare needs.

For more information visit the following pages: